Essex Cabs Talks: Don’t Get Caught By The Clocks

So, it’s that time of year where we’re getting closer to turning the clocks back an hour, and when this time comes, 42% of us will call it a night much earlier than any other time of the year – some naming it ‘human hibernation’.

In the depths of winter we’ll only see just over 7 hours of natural light!

However, this year is more prominent than any other as the 1st October marks the 100th anniversary of the first time Daylight Saving was introduced.

In 1907, way before our Maldon taxi service was around to help, William Willet (the great-great grandfather of ‘Clocks’ singer Chris Martin) introduced the idea of Daylight Saving Time, thinking this will prevent people wasting precious light during summer mornings.

William proposed that the time should advance 80 minutes in April and reversed the same way in September, and on the 1st May 1916, The Summer Time Act was passed in a desperate bid to take pressure off the economy during World War I.

Flyers and posters were distributed to inform people how to change their clocks (back then the mechanism would break if the hands were altered manually).

We’ve taken a look at the things we think happen every time the clocks are due to go back:

  • You praise the extra hour in bed, only for your body clock to wake you up instead of your alarm
  • Meal times suddenly become a challenge, your stomach thinks it’s time for food but it’s not. Weird.
  • The winter blues kick in and you start to panic about Christmas
  • The majority arrive at work an hour earlier than they should do
  • Journeys require more planning and time than they usually do. (To save time, our Maldon taxi numbers are at the bottom of the page!)

But why should you have to tackle the dark and cold journey yourself? Our Essex cab company – Ace Cabs can take the strain. Did you know we offer 4, 6 and 8 seater Essex Cabs driven by qualified and friendly drivers?

To hire one of our Maldon Cabs, give us a call: 01621 855 596.

Don’t forget! The clocks go back by one hour at 2AM on 30th October.

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