Maldon Cabs: Reasons Why You Should Get A Taxi

We’re not talking about just hopping in a cab that’s parked on the side of the curb after a night out; we’re talking reasons why you should PRE BOOK a Maldon Ace cab.

Our Essex cab company care that you get home safely;

whether that’s after having one too many to drink down at your local pub, or venturing back to your house after a long-haul flight back to Gatwick airport.

So without further ado, here are the top reasons why YOU should pre book one of our Maldon cabs:

Keeps you cool, calm and collected:

We all know that feeling when you’ve got an event to go to and you have to look your best, but the weather is not looking great for the big day! Pre booking one of our Maldon cabs to take you to either your destination or your nearest train station is definitely the best option.

Whether it’s a job interview or night out, our Essex cab company will get you there on time and as beautifully preened as you were when you left the house so you can avoid getting flustered and looking frazzled!

It allows you to plan ahead:

If you’re someone who likes to be super organised, then you should be familiar with the art of taxi booking. As you know, there is NOTHING worse than leaving it late on a Saturday only to find there’s an hour and a half wait for a cab. Why go through all that hassle when you could have one of our Maldon cabs waiting for you, with your name on (not in the literal sense) but in your pre-organised location.

You can travel in comfort:

Getting the bus from Maldon to Chelmsford or vice versa? Or perhaps even a bus from Maldon to Chelmsford, then a train from Chelmsford for Colchester? No doubt you’ll rely on the hope that you’ll secure a seat on both modes of transport and that neither will be late?

If the prospect of being crammed on to a bus and having to hop from one to another sounds like too much hassle there is a solution. Pop our Maldon taxi number in your phone, to ensure that you travel in comfort, where ever you may be going.

If these three reasons weren’t enough to persuade you to pre-book a taxi, just remember that using a reliable Essex cabs company enables you to put your safety first.

Get in touch for a free quote or simply give us a call to arrange your next journey!

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