10 Things You Didn’t Know: Bonfire Night with Ace Cabs

For many Guy Fawkes Night is a magical time, particularly for the family.

From apple bobbing to fireworks displays, there’s plenty to get involved with, however, the chances are that the average person doesn’t know much about the event.

Here are ten fun facts about Bonfire Night that will leave your head spinning like a Catherine wheel:

  1. Guy Fawkes wasn’t alone; he was one of 13 people brought together planning to blow up King James I and his government whilst they were in the Houses of Parliament.
  1. Did you know that the gunpowder that was to be used was so old, that’s it was common belief that the plan wouldn’t have worked anyway!
  1. If you’re off to an event this weekend, traditional bonfire night snacks consist of toffee apples on sticks, hot dogs and jacket potatoes, as well as including a variety of other barbecue foods.

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  1. The word ‘bonfire’ originates from the word ‘bone fire’ which is thought to be from the middle ages, which were types of fires that were used to burn bones.
  1. The earliest fireworks are documented to China in the 7th Century.
  1. Dummies have thought to be burned on bonfires since the 13th Century, as it was thought to drive away the evil spirits. This later changed following the gunpowder plot in 1605, which the focus switched onto Guy Fawkes for committing treason.
  1. A firework can reach speeds of 150mph, which is the equally as fast as some biplanes.
  1. The first fireworks display on record was in England at the wedding of Henry VII in 1486. Visiting a firework display? Don’t walk home in the dark, use one of our Maldon cabs!
  1. Until 1959 it was illegal NOT to celebrate bonfire night in the UK
  1. Calls to the fire services in the UK have almost tripled during the Guy Fawkes Night period.

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