Ensuring Hassle-Free Journeys for Disabled Passengers

For disabled people who can’t drive, or have difficulties accessing public transport, taxis can be essential. Unfortunately however, many taxi companies don’t make things easy for their passengers with additional needs, often not having enough space or sufficient accessibility when it comes to their cabs.

If you’re reliant on private hire minicabs, or live further away from the larger cities, accessible cabs can be few and far between. In addition to this, services such as Uber are adding more complications, as they usually don’t allow you to request accessibility requirements from their drivers.

In 2013, “Enable Magazine” reported on the difficulties disabled people face every day with transportation, including the problems with getting taxis. Among those who had used taxis in the past year, 60% of those in wheelchairs and 30% of those who were blind or partially sighted said they experienced problems.

Here at Ace Cabs in Maldon Essex, we want to ensure that our services are accessible for everyone, which is why we have an LDV MAXUS-Disabled Access Minibus, which is built to ambulance spec and has a power lift tail.

So if you have difficulties finding a local Essex cab service that offers accessible vehicles and a cooperative service, you need look no further than us here at Ace Cabs. With sufficient notice before your desired departure time, we will ensure you get from A to B with comfort and ease. Contact us today or fill out a booking form for a quote within the Essex area!

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