Christmas Parties And Transport

It feels too early in the year what with the children having only just gone back to school but it’s that time of the year again when people start planning their Christmas parties.

Be it through work or parents at the school gate, you can certainly see the logic – get in early to make sure as many people as possible can come whilst their diaries are relatively free.

Usually every element of the evening is carefully considered from your outfit to childcare. But have you considered transport to and from the event, especially as it is highly likely there will be alcohol involved?

This is where we come in. Using our friendly Maldon taxi drivers is the perfect solution, especially when you don’t want to be getting odd looks on public transport wearing your fancy dress or ball gown.

As we all know – or should know- pre-booking is essential, not just so you actually get a taxi but so you stay safe. You simply cannot run the risk of using an unlicensed cab. Horrifyingly, statistics show that 80% of women who are sexually assaulted by a stranger take place in an unlicensed taxi, which is around ten women a month in London alone. Do not take the risk, it is never worth it.

As briefly touched on above, drinking and driving remains a huge issue here in the UK, and we are the safe substitute to having to drive home yourself.

Don’t forget, sleeping does not remove all the alcohol from your system, so even if you feel you are capable of driving yourself home the next day, it’s really not worth the risk – use our Essex cabs.

So if you are looking for safe and affordable Maldon cabs, you know who to speak to. All you have to do is get in touch with us at Ace Cabs.

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