Visit the Scariest Halloween locations with Essex Cabs

With Halloween rapidly approaching, if you LOVE the idea of getting seriously spooky, we take a look at some of the best places to visit in Essex at this time of year. Whether it’s old castles or abandoned forts said to be haunted by ghosts, Our top 6 spots are sure to give you a scare:

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  • Thorpe-le-soken

First on our list Is Thorpe Le Soke,  home to Catherine Canham and where Sir William Gull is reportedly buried. Not only is Catherine reported to haunt the bell inn, but many have speculated that Sir William Gull may have been Jack the Ripper.

2.) Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Supposedly haunted by a former technician who was killed nearby, many visitors have found themselves startled upon discovering that the person who gave them a tour around the theatre was actually the resident ghost.

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3.) Hollytrees Museum, Colchester

The subject of a portrait that hangs in the museum is said to haunt the building. Many visitors to the museum have felt an eerie presence behind them while viewing the portrait, while hearing phantom footsteps and piano music (with no piano in the vicinity!)

4.) Mersea Island, Essex

Seen crossing The Stood at Mersea Island, an apparition of a Roman centurion is seen regularly scaring the locals. As well as this, some visitors have even seen the centurion near the ancient Romano British Barrow.

5.) Red Lion Hotel, Colchester

Dating back to 1465, this hotel is reportedly haunted by several ghosts. One of which is Alice Millar, killed by a lover and regularly heard whispering, pulling people’s hair and talking to staff

6.) Secret Nuclear Bunker, Kelvedon Hatch

Built in 1952, the bunker has been named the perfect location for a ghost hunt. From above ground, only a small cottage can be seen, but below lies a bunker 125 feet underground. Here, visitors have reported witnessing ghostly figures, poltergeist activity and the feeling of being watched.

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